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Reply Jack Frost
12:54 AM on April 18, 2014 

So much space for me to sprawl out and swim in your awesome pizza now! I totally disagree with "Worst service ever..." comment, though.  Other than not having the red carpet rolled out for me and a BBQ chicken pizza waiting for me at table #71 on Grand Opening Friday, I'd say the staff here is second to squat. I sincerely wish your business the greatest continued success- you have a customer for life!

Reply Robyn
3:15 PM on March 5, 2014 

Love your Pizza!!

Buffet is an awesome way to have lunch!

Reply mark evangelist
9:31 AM on March 5, 2014 

I would like to buy some of your italian sausage. It is the best I have ever tasted. Where do you purchase it from?

Reply Julie
1:34 PM on February 20, 2014 

I work in the customer service field and feel like when you're doing a GREAT JOB and have a GREAT PRODUCT no one comments.  It's only when someone is unhappy that they write reviews.  So I am writting so today to say "thumbs up"  Not only do you provide wonderful customer service, but you have the BEST pizza around!

Reply Pattie
9:44 AM on February 14, 2014 

I want to thank you for one of the best pizza ever.  I have enjoyed your pizza since I was a little girl and hope that It will be there for the rest of my life.. I remember the old place with the pac man game and the juke box but the new place is awesome.  congrads and thanks again for a great product.  Pattie


Reply Gretchen
12:34 PM on January 23, 2014 

My husband and I love your pizzas!! We use to live in West Saint Paul and we would go to the buffet on a Monday or Tuesday. We moved to Forest Lake almost 4 years ago and we still try to get over there to get your yummy pizza. Thanks for the great pizza!

Reply Linda
1:25 PM on January 17, 2014 

My husband and I visited Old World Pizza every week for our "pizza night" date......until I found out I had a gluten allergy.  Please offer a gluten free crust option.  We miss our visits to our favorite neighborhood pizza place.

The French Meadow Bakery in Minneapolis offers wonderful gluten-free crusts.  They come in their own aluminum pan so they're easy to bake.

The Bittersweet bakery in Eagan also offers gluten free pizza crust.  The Tavern in Woodbury uses this crust for their gluten free pizza.

I hope to see gluten free pizza offerings soon!  I do appreciate your salad bar and we did stop in once for a salad dinner, but the smell of pizza is so wonderful......I really felt like I was missing something when pizza was not a choice on my plate.

Reply Paul Hurley
2:46 PM on November 27, 2013 

Two co-workers went to lunch there today and I asked them to bring me a Pizza for me to bring home for my boys. I tried a piece, it is very good, glad I had them bring me one!

Reply Eddy Parke
12:38 PM on November 23, 2013 
One the best. From crust, sauce, and toppings. Just excellent.
Reply Bruce
9:40 PM on October 28, 2013 

Simply the one of the best 

Reply Worst service ever...
11:02 PM on October 19, 2013 

I really wish I would of got the name of the rude waitress that we had this last Friday. I'm not the kind of person to complain about these kind of things but she was so awful that something needs to be said. The things that she said to us was so rude and uncalled for that as long as she works there we will never return. What a horrid young lady who clearly doesn't know what customer service is. The other employees were nice and the food was good but having somone working there that is so rude and disrespectful makes this place the kind of one that isn't worth the headache to return to. 

Reply Barb
10:35 PM on October 10, 2013 

Got the BLT pizza tonight.   Consistency would be good. Not one of the best ones I've had. does anyone at the place ever read these or care what the customers have to say? 

Reply Geri Robinette
3:02 PM on October 7, 2013 

We love eating at Old World, but I want to especially say thank you for the great pizza party party last Saturday night. It was affordable and the service was great. Thanks on behalf of New Life Church'sTrek/Journey Awana.

Reply kathy
12:18 AM on October 6, 2013 

Just would like to know what your delivery area is. Do you deliver to West St.Paul, heard so much about your pizza would love to try it.

Reply rick mondry
11:19 PM on October 5, 2013 

I don't get back much to IGH but Was back in town for On The Road Again, and had to order the small deep dish, and it still is the best Pizza in Mn i've ver had, and i eat alot of pizza... Thanks for the great #ZA

Reply Lisa
1:08 PM on October 4, 2013 

Your pizza buffet is fabulous!  I especially enjoyed the chocolate chip dessert pizza.  The price is right too!  I found my new favorite place to eat!

Reply Elisa
7:46 AM on September 18, 2013 

Is there an Old World Pizza opening in Eagan?

Reply Elisa
7:45 AM on September 18, 2013 

Is there an Old World Pizza opening in Eagan?

Reply Jessie
7:29 PM on August 23, 2013 
Stopped in on the way from Rochester to Stillwater. BEST.PIZZA.EVER. You Need to come to Rochester!
Reply Trace Hawthorne
4:25 PM on August 21, 2013 
Came in on Saturday afternoon. Had the usual great pizza, and Abbie did a great job. She was timely, attentive, pleasant, and we couldn't have asked for more.
Reply John Gray
10:44 PM on August 2, 2013 
Got the wrong pizza on a delivery. They sent a new pizza and we returned the wrong one to the delivery guy. The second one was slightly wrong too, but really delicious, so we ate it and didn't complain any more. Old World Pizza is my favorite and I am glad they deliver, even if honest mistakes happen sometimes. This is the only problem we've ever had and they handled it pretty well.
Reply Kelly
10:32 AM on July 12, 2013 
Went here a couple nights ago from a friends recommendation and it was delicious!! The pizza fries are soooo good, they have tons of cheese and the marinara dipping sauce is yummy. The Buffalo Chicken Pizza (not on menu) is AMAZING and the chicken was tender, not fake tasting. Our pepperoni pizza was good, too. The service was great, she was really nice (owner's sister) and super friendly. See you again soon!!
Reply kenneth hanson
11:20 PM on April 25, 2013 
Congrats on being one of the top pizza places in mn. You are the top place in my books
Reply todd hoopman
4:39 PM on April 15, 2013 
Best pizza in the country, since I was a boy in IGH!